1. What major invention improved upon by the Disney company made animating parallax much better?

2. Who was the only composer whose music was used in Fantasia was still alive when the film was released?

3. What famous horror film actor posed for the monster in Night on Bald Mountain?

4. What series of films from 1929 to 1939 were "precursors" to Fantasia?

5. What was Disney's first full length animated film?

6. What term is used to describe atributing human qualities to animals and other phenomenon?

7. For which Disney character was Walt Disney looking for a vehicle that led to Fantasia?

8. What was the first cartoon to have completely sound synchronization?

9. Which Disney film has not been re-released because of threats of violence if it were?

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Answers to Last Week's Quiz

1. With what famous actor did Tod Browning team up to make a series of films?

ANS: Lon Chaney Sr.

2. What studio produced Freaks?

ANS: MGM or Metro Goldwyn Mayer

3. What famous horror film that started the Universal set of monsters was also directed by Tod Browning?

ANS: "Dracula"

4. Who recut Freaks without telling the director?

ANS: Irving Thalberg

5. What language is a "common" language used to communicate between circus people who come from different parts of the world (and ised in the film) occasionally for that purpose?

ANS: German

6. Which scene in Freaks is often cited to show Browning's silent film background?

ANS: "The Wedding Feast"

7. What visual clue indicates this is a "silent movie scene"?

ANS:The intertitle card

8. With what is "physical deformity" linked in several of Browning's films?

ANS: sexual frustration

9. By what OTHER title was Freaks released?

ANS: "Nature's Mistakes" or "The Monster Story",or "Forbidden Love",

10. About how many minutes did the original version of Freaks run?

ANS: ninety

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Answers to Last Week's Quiz

1. What year is thought of as "Hollywood's Greatest Year"?
ANS: 1939