1. What year is thought of as "Hollywood's Greatest Year"?

2. What other film did John Ford make that year that is a frontier film. but is not considered by some to be a western?

3. What actor became a star as a result of Stagecoach?

4. Which actor won an Academy Award for his role in Stagecoach?

5. What now famous stunt man performed a life threatening stunt by falling from the horses pulling the stagecoach and then passing under the coach as it rushed past?

6. What did Ford include in his indoor shots, not normally shown?

7. What famous director studied Stagecoach by viewing it 40 times, in order to learn film making techniques?

8. Because of criticism that the natives in his western films were misrepresented, what film did Ford make?

9. What major economic event dominated the 1930's and may be symbolically reflected in the films of that time?

10. What film is often credited as the first "adult western"?

Answers will come with the next game.

Answers to Last Week's Quiz

1. What phrase is used to describe the basic "subtext" of a horror film?
ANS: The eruption of the repressed

2. What term is used for taking a single shot, then moving an object slightly and then taking more shots the same way?
ANS: Stop motion photography

3. Three parts of King Kong were created life size. Name one of them.
ANS:: The three were the head, the hand and the foot. Anyone will do

4. Which actor, playing the chief of Skull Island is known for having created his own production company that made films for an African American audience?
ANS: Noble Johnson

5. Acording to the film, in what body of water is Skull Island located??
ANS: Indian Ocean

6. With what famous story does Carl Denham connect the film he is about to make?
ANS: Beauty and the Beast

7. What genre of film is often associated as being important to Americans lift spirits and escape a harsh reality during the depression?
ANS: fantasy

8. What term is used for music which follows the movement of the performers?
ANS: Mickey Mouse

9. If it weren't the planes that killed Kong, what did?
ANS: Beauty

10. Where was the location that the planes took off from shot?
ANS: Floyd Bennett field in Brooklyn, NY