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1646 Invention of Magic Lantern Able to project still images
1834 William George Horner shows Zoetrope images appear to move in rotating wheel with slits
1877 Thomas Alva Edison develops phonograph has importaance in adding sound to film
1878 Muybridge photographs running horses is serial phtography
1880 Muybridge projects images of a running horses Projects the images with a "Zoogyrascope" later called "Zoopraxiscope"
1882 Etienne Jules Marey invents photographic gun ahoots sequential pictures
1888 Augustin Le Prince creates single lens camera and projector
1889 Henry M Reichenbach invents fleixable film at Eastman
1891 Edison's employee. William Kennedy Laurie Dickson invents Kinetograph (later Kinetoscope) "Peep" box that person could view filmed images: up to 50 feet
1894 Film Dickson films Fred Ott's Sneeze Generally regarded as first motion pictire film
1895 Dickson, no longer with Edison, Eugene Lauste and Enoch Rector demonstrate Eidoloscope in NYC Eidoloscope was a projector developed by Dickson First film (Young Griffo vs. "("Battling" Charles Barnett) shown to a paying audience
1895 Max Sladanowski projects moving pictures in Berlin, Germany
1895 Auguste and Louis Lumiere shoot their first film "real life/documentary style" films. First is Workers leaving the Lumiere factory
1895 Auguste and Louis Lumiere patent and demonstrate their camera/projector Lumiere's make "real life" films" Melies is in the audience
1895 The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots (edospn studios) first film with more than one shot although appears not to be (substitutes dummy for person)
1895 Lumiere's make Le Jardinier et le petit espiegle (The Gardener and the Little Scamp) (and remade it in 1896 as Arroseur arrose (The Gardiner Sprinkled Often seen as first plotted film
1897 Enoch Rector films The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight First "wide screen" film (filmed in 63 mm) film lasted over 90 minutes
1902 Melies produces 400th Film La Voyage dans la Luna (A Trip to the Moon) film made of several shots - one per scene though.
1902 Edwin S, Porter makes The Life of an American Fireman Shows a "thought" in "balloon"; cross cutting
1903 Porter makes The Great Train Robbery editing:lapses in time; break from escape to office