Review for Final

The final is on FRIDAY, MAY 20th from 8:00 until 10:00. DO NOT BE LATE

The first question will be worth 20 points and will ask you to analyze about 5 minutes of a sound film in which there is no dialog. The clip will be shown 3 times. After that the lights come on so you can write the exam. IF YOU ARE NOT ON TIME AND DO NOT SEE THE FILM IT WILL COST YOU 20 POINTS. BE ON TIME!!!!!

You will have a choice on the exam. You can do two of several questions. One question will be a short answer of the type that you had in the quizzes. The others are all essay questions. You will have to do the analysis of the film and at least one essay. You will have a choice between a second essay or the short answers. So there are THREE parts in all (a) the film analysis (b) one essay and (c) another essay or the short answers.

Go over terms for quizzes To analyze films you need to be able to talk or write about how the following tell the story - that is to say how each of the following areas has variables and the choice of the variable is meaningful.

1. camera movement (dolly, tracking, boom, tilt, pan etc.)
2. camera placement (distance from subject)
3. type of lens (wide angle, telephoto etc.)
4. mise-en-scene (everything that appears before the camera and its arrangement or composition) a. sets
b. props
c. actors
5. editing (including "montage")
6. lighting (may be considered part of "mise en scene"
7. sound (including music)
8. special effects (including CGI, Green Screen etc.)
9. framing and composition (Dutch angles, one shot, two shot etc.)
10. focus (deep or shallow)

The essay questions will be general and ask you to DISCUSS certain ideas and to use examples from the films seen in class. Discuss means "talk about". It does not mean "list".